Find below the most frequently asked questions about our products.

Are the rose oil and rose water 100% natural?
Yes, our rose oil and rose water are 100% natural, obtained by distilling the oil-containing rose Rosa Damascena.  

What can I use the rose water for?
Our rose water is 100% natural and hhas strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antibacterial effect. It can be used in your daily facial cleansing routine as a cleansing water. It can also be used to disinfect a wound. 

What is rose concrete (pure rose)?
Concrete (pure rose) is a natural product obtained by extraction of fresh or dried natural raw materials with a volatile solvent.
The process consists of extracting the raw material, in this case the rose, with a solvent, evaporating the solution and obtaining the concrete as a non-volatile residue. This concrete is an orange-red, waxy mass with the typical nice scent of roses. It contains all the components of rose oil - including the highly prized phenylethyl alcohol. The rose absolute (liquid form of pure rose) content is never less than 60%.

What is D-panthenol?
D-panthenol is a biologically active substance that is quickly absorbed by the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

Is the face cream firming?
Yes. Our day and night creams contain natural rose oil and rose water that together stimulate the repair processes and prevent premature skin aging. In addition, they contain caviar complex that is nourishing and helps to create collagen and activate elastin. 

What is caviar complex?
Caviar complex is also known as "the luxury of black gold". It contains carefully derived ingredient of caviar, seaweed and actin.  

I have a dry skin, what can I use for that type of skin?
The Bulgarian rose oil and rose water are ideal products for hydration. 
We also highly recommend the moisturizing face cream.
If you are looking for something for your whole body, we can recommend our body butters. 

I am looking for a micellar cleansing water, which product can I use for this?
Our natural rose water is 100% natural and can be used as micellar cleansing water. In addition, we have the refreshing toner with caviar complex and rose oil that also serves as a micellar cleansing water. 

What do Goji Berries Do?
Gojiberry extract helps slow down the aging process by improving cellular metabolism and accelerates the growth of new cells, leaving the skin soft and supple. 

What does Bamboo extract do?
The powder from the bamboo stem is a natural vegetal scrub, which gently cleanses the skin and buffs away impurities. Bamboo also contains silicic acid. Silica is part of collagen. Collagen ensures that the skin remains firm and elastic.

The benefits of Bamboo extract:

  • It is rejuvenating. 
  • Soothes and strengthens. 
  • Natural acne fighter. 
  • Helps repair and regenerate the skin. 

What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics in cosmetics stimulate the growth of micro-organisms. They are present in plants and can be obtained from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

The benefits of prebiotics:

  • Helps against sensitive and irritated skin. 
  • Helps to maintain balance. 

Can I make a perfume or body mist with the pure rose oil?
Yes, of course. The natural rose oil we offer can be added to finished cosmetic products or homemade cosmetics. This also includes perfume. 


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