Daily Face Cleansing Routine

Daily Face Cleansing Routine

Daily Face Cleansing Routine

At the end of the day you want to take off all the make-up and go to bed with clean and fresh skin and you want nothing better than to start the day with a glowing skin. This is possible with this perfect match of natural beauty products, our Face Cleansing Gel and Natural Rose Water. Use both products every evening to cleanse the face and the Facial Cleansing Gel every morning to start the day with a fresh skin. Follow the steps below.

Facial cleansing gel
-Apply the Cleansing Gel to a wet face
- Distribute over the entire face by means of gentle massaging movements
-Rinse the face with lukewarm water
-Dry off by dabbing the face with a towel

Natural Rose Water
-Remove any makeup residue with the Rose Water 
-Use a cotton pad and apply the rose water on it
-Then go all over the face (except the eyes) with the wet cotton pad 

Pamper yourself with rose petals and enjoy the result!

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